Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit oil is known for its pleasant and spirited aroma, which many people find to be uplifting. The main chemical constituent of grapefruit oil is limonene, a monoterpene which is common to citrus oils and which has demonstrated a host of purifying properties and antioxidant activity in controlled laboratory studies. Limonene is believed to play a prominent role in the mood enhancement effects often attributed to these oils in aromatherapy practices.

Other prominent terpenes that have been isolated from grapefruit oil include myrcene, pinene, and sabinene, which have similarly demonstrated purifying properties and antioxidant activity in controlled laboratory studies involving cell and animal models. Taken together, these chemical constituents give Grapefruit oil its reputation as a detoxifier when used in aromatherapy baths and massages.

In addition to its beneficial impact on mood, Grapefruit oil has demonstrated aromatherapeutic activity as an appetite suppressant and sympathetic nervous system stimulant in animal models, which may have implications for weight loss efforts. It has also shown promise as a complementary element in treatments to help ameliorate feelings of anxiety.

Used cosmetically, Grapefruit Essential Oil is known to be cleansing, to help balance oily complexions and to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne when added to natural skincare formulations. Used in haircare, Grapefruit oil helps to cleanse and clarify the scalp and hair so that tresses maintain a healthy bounce and a radiant shine. As Grapefruit oil is reputed to help maintain healthy circulation in addition to its reputation as a detoxifier, it is often included in products that are meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Added to body scrubs and exfoliating formulations, Grapefruit oil is known to help smooth the skin and maintain a firm, toned look.