Magnesium vs. Epsom

Magnesium vs. Epsom

When looking for an all-natural way to relax or relieve pain, you often hear people talk about magnesium; it's an amazing mineral that does lot's for our body - it regulates blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and helps with healthy muscle and nerve function and even maintains energy levels. The most effective way to deliver magnesium to your body is through the skin so that it can absorb directly into the bloodstream, which is why bath salts tend to be the most popular product.  But aren't there also Epsom salts for that? Doesn't it do the same thing?

Well, yes...and NO.

Epsom Salts aren't actually a salt, but magnesium sulphate, so yes, it is a form of magnesium, BUT it differs from the magnesium found in OC Beauty bath salts, bath bombs and magnesium lotions. We use magnesium chloride flakes, which are produced by taking water from ancient sea beds (we source ours directly from the Dead Sea in Isreal!) and using solar energy to heat it, then cooling it to leave behind sheets of highly concentrated magnesium, which is then broken up into manageable flakes. Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom) can also be derived from smaller bodies of water, but these waters tend to be contaminated with pollutants, so the majority of Epsom salts on the market are actually synthetic. So when using Epsom, you are only getting a fraction of the benefits you could be getting. Magnesium Chloride being all-natural, and have a completely soluble molecular structure, allows for easier absorption through the skin, giving you the fully realized potential of magnesium's benefits.

Magnesium's ability to relieve inflammation and aches and pains provides pain relief for:

Muscle and Joint Pain
Stress and Anxiety
Muscle Spasms

So, if you're looking to relieve conditions such as restless leg syndrome, growing pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia or neuropathy - naturally, skip the Epsom and treat yourself to the full power of magnesium. Our Magnesium Collection offers a range of lotions, bath products and raw materials that are perfect for any situation!

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