The Cost of Sustainability

The Cost of Sustainability

Are sustainable products more expensive for a reason, or is it perceived value? Is there a difference between a $10 eco-friendly shampoo you get at a pharmacy vs. one produced by a small batch manufacturer? 

ABSOLTELY. Many factors come into play when pricing out sustainable products vs. mainstream products - sourcing high quality raw ingredients; low public demand and ensuring all business practices are being done in a fair, ethical way all increase costs. Everything from the product to the packaging needs to be eco-friendly in order for a product to truly be sustainable.

Finding a reliable source of sustainable goods can be difficult, it takes time and research to ensure all products are high-quality and fairly-traded. Harvesting ingredients also must be done in a delicate, environmentally sound way - ensuring there is no damage done to the area, so that these sources may continue to flourish and produce. When so many areas are being affected by war and drought, we must be conscious of the health of our planet when sourcing materials. Creating sustainable products also takes time. Sustainably grown crops take longer to produce and harvest, as there's no added hormones to cut corners. This unfortunately raises the cost of goods. Paying the farmers, harvesters and processors a proper, livable wage also raises costs.

At OC Beauty, we care highly about fairly-traded goods and ethical practices to support our planet and people, so our costs reflect that, and we are 100% transparent. So when you see that a company is selling eco-friendly, sustainable products for cheap, ask where costs are being cut. Is it in the conscious sourcing of quality materials? Are all workers being paid a fair and livable wage? Are materials being PROPERLY recycled? Their price point may be smaller due to large production cutting down costs, but not significantly, so look into a companies values when considering their pricing, and see where your money is truly going. 

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