How to get the Perfect Summer Tan...without SUN

How to get the Perfect Summer Tan...without SUN

Summer is here and it is time to get a golden glow! Here's how to get the perfect summer tan without having to bake in the sun and damage your skin!


Start with an exfoliating body scrub (like our sugar scrub). This step is important to getting a long-lasting tan because it buffs away the uneven, dry skin. So Glow Sunless Tanner can be applied to the newest skin and have the longest cycle possible.

STEP 2: 

After you exfoliate apply Glow Sunless Tanner. For optimal results, exfoliate at least 24 hours before application. SHAKE WELL. Apply in a circular motion until absorbed for a streak-free finish. Glow will develop over the next 8 hours, so avoid contact with water to avoid streaks. 

Glow isn't like your Drugstore Fake Tanners, it is a lotion so the results are more natural and hydrating. It also isn't as noticeable if you miss a spot and it is also a  buildable product that you can keep reapplying to get even more golden! PLUS it won't turn you orange!!


Once Glow has absorbed into your skin apply our thick hydrating body butter to seal in the tan and it helps keep it from fading!

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