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Wild Cherry Thin Film Hard Wax with Vitamin E

Wild Cherry Thin Film Hard Wax with Vitamin E

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Titanium Blue Thin Film Hard Wax

Wild Cherry Thin Film Hard Wax is created especially for men, but offers same great results for women. No strips required. Developed by renowned skin care specialists, these superior quality waxes are highly enriched with individual formulas. 14 oz. luxury depilatory waxes for full body & face. We also have our wax warmer which is perfect for this product.


This antibacterial formula is infused with: azulene oil for its skin
calming properties ; vitamin E which acts as a buffer and helps soothe
and heal the skin; zinc oxide which protects against breakouts and
promotes rapid healing of the skin.
Suitable for full body and face, all hair and skin types, including sensitive skin and delicate areas.
Made in: Italy

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