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Vitamin C Serum, SPA Size

Vitamin C Serum, SPA Size

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Vitamin C Serum is a 100% natural multi functional Vitamin C Serum which performs as an anti-oxidant, skin brightening agent and exfoliate with anti-aging properties


Vitamin C Serum 4 oz

Performs as an anti Aging/anti Oxidant, skin brightening blend. Contains Alpha Hydroxy which is a mild chemical exfoliate that can remain on the skin. Notice a difference in the brightness of your skin by using this product all over the face instead of as a spot treatment.

HOW TO USE: Apply a 2-3 drops into palm of hand and massage on face & neck until absorbed Use 3-4 times weekly at night on cleansed skin. Use as directed by your professional cosmetologist.

CAUTION: Keep away from small children. Do not ingest. If irritation occurs rinse with cool water. if ongoing consult with a physician.





Vitamin C- Creates a brighter complexion and evens out skin tone, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

 Hyaluronic Acid- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and speeds up wound healing.

Bilberry Extract- Can also boost skin’s environmental defenses in the presence of UVA light.

Sugar Maple Extract- Removes bacteria and dead skin buildup on the skin, repairing damage caused by free radicals and preventing new blemishes and wrinkles from forming.

Aloe Extract ‚Äď It offers anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, humectant, and soothing, anti-itch qualities for skin.

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