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A wonderfully simple way to relax.

Soak your troubles away. Our Sooth & Sleep Herbal Bath Tea brings you a botanical blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Lemongrass oil and Organic Dead Sea Salt in a moisturizing bath tea soak. Our Sooth & Sleep Herbal Bath Tea is soothing, calming and comforting, use this tea before bed to calm the mind, aid restful sleep and promote relaxation. This bath tea is not only wonderful for promoting relaxation, but it's also chock full of Organic Dead Sea Salt, which will leave your skin feeling soft and super hydrated. Drop it in the tub, hop in, and feel better.

To take your bath to a whole new level try following up with one of our LOTIONS.


Herbal | Floral


Lavender Essential Oil Balancing, Calming

● Chamomile Gentle, Calming, Brightening

● Organic Dead Sea Salt contains essential trace minerals that soothe and soften skin. It also works exfoliant.

HOW TO USE: Drop 1 pre-packed Lavender Herbal Bath Tea in a warm bath and slide into the tub. Take a few deep breaths of the natural aroma and feel your sinus' clear up.

SIZE: 1 TEA BAG | 3g

CAUTION: Do Not consume, keep away from children. If ingested drink plenty of water and induce vomiting contact your nearest poison control center.

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