Sterilization Pouch 3.5" X 9"

Sterilization Pouch 3.5" X 9"

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Self Seal Sanitization Pouches

Save time with our self seal sanitization pouches, no need for expensive steam, chemical vapor or gas methods
Built-in protection with heavy medical grade paper, with easy to open thumb notch
See the difference with built-in color changing indicators, along with puncture resistant, blue tinted, see-through plastic, provides visual confidence that sterilization is achieved and maintained.



  • For effective disinfection, safe handling, and storage of tools
  • Made from medical paper and film
  • Self-sealing strip for convenience
  • Printed colour indicators help monitor the sterilization process with steam, chemical vapor or ethylene oxide (ETO)
  • Triple seal for maximum protection
  • Box of 200
  • Size:3.5" X 9"

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