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Healthy Hand & Foot Bundle

Healthy Hand & Foot Bundle

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RX Salve  Bundle - Limited Time Offer

Suffering from  dry, cracked & problematic skin?  Our RX Healing Salve Bundle, known by out clients as the "miracle cream" is guaranteed to work wonders on your problematic skin. Infused with organic Tea Tree oil for its natural antiseptic properties as well as Organic Lavender Oil for its proven soothing properties makes this RX Healing Salve bundle famous across the world.

What does unbleached cotton do?  Well it's simple, unbleached cotton retains moisture to allow maximum penetration of our "miracle" Rx product as clients would refer to it as.  This allows for all day/ night moisture retention increasing the effectiveness in just the first application. These gloves are large enough for anyone who would wear a size xl glove. Socks will fit up to size 12 without issue.

Why is a pumice stone included.. For maximum effectiveness we recommend lightly exfoliating the problematic areas, to rid the dry skin so the salve can promote healing on the new tissue. This is best to be done  after a shower  where your have have been exposed to wet environments for more than 5 minutes. This process will cause your skin to soften so the pumice stone will be much gentler on the new skin beneath.

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