Mahogany Teakwood Cold Pressed Soap

Mahogany Teakwood Cold Pressed Soap

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Bring nature into your bathroom with the light woodsy aroma of this all-natural soap bar. Imagine a beautiful, serene hike in the woods. The air is welcoming your nose with the smell of earthy, wood accompanied with the scent of fresh fruit and flowers from a nearby field. You feel nothing but peace and bliss as you spend time in the great outdoors. Perfect for use after a hard day’s work or a weekend of adventures.


  • Olive Oil:¬†Rich in squalene and other antioxidants; a very hydrating oil with antimicrobial properties. Packed with vitamins necessary for skin function.
  • Coconut Oil:¬†Contains vitamin E, potassium and lecithin, which are vital for our skins health.¬†Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


HOW TO USE: Lather with water and wash.

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