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Cleaning Vinegar (12%)

Cleaning Vinegar (12%)

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Manufactured in our facility in the heart of the Great Lakes (Sault Ste. Marie). We manufacture 2 strengths at 12% & 20% Acid Strength. If you are looking for another strength let us know and we can customize it to order. 


Double Strength - 12% Great for household cleaning chores, killing weeds and using as a general cleaner. 

Industrial Strength
- 20%, Great for toughest jobs, and the dirtiest jobs like showers,  garage applications and heavy duty applications. Works on stubborn weeds.  

  • ¬†Cleaning Vinegar is a greener more natural cleaning alternative for your home with many different uses around the house

  • All natural formula powers through dirt and grime on multiple surfaces

  • Great for adding it to the laundry to brighten and soften clothes¬†
  • Excellent natural and organic Weed Killer safe for the environment¬†
  • Removes carpet stains, winter salt stains, and mould and mildew from humidifiers

  • Cleans kitchen countertops (non Stone), tiles, grout, appliances, floors, refrigerators and garbage cans

  • Cleans bathroom mildew, soap scum, mirrors, unclogs shower heads, descales¬† hard water and deodorizes drains

  • Volume: Available in litres, Gallons (refillable) & 5 Gallon Pails (refillable)¬†

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