Advent Calendar Day 9: Magnesium Lotion

Advent Calendar Day 9: Magnesium Lotion

When looking for an all natural way to relax or relieve pain, you often hear people talk about magnesium; it's an amazing mineral that does lots for our body - it regulates blood pressure, reduces inflammation, helps with healthy muscle and nerve function and even maintains energy levels. The most effective way to deliver magnesium to your body is through the skin, so that it can absorb directly to the blood stream. This makes lotions, oils and bath salts the most popular way to use magnesium. 

Magnesium's ability to relieve inflammation and aches and pains provides pain relief for:

Muscle and Joint Pain

Stress and Anxiety
Muscle Spasms

So, if you're looking to relieve conditions such as restless leg syndrome, growing paints, arthritis, fibromyalgia or neuropathy - NATURALLY treat yourself to the full power of magnesium. 

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