Advent Calendar Day 6: Fragrance Oil & Lip Gloss

Advent Calendar Day 6: Fragrance Oil & Lip Gloss

What are fragrance oils and what do you do with them??

Fragrance oil has a multitude of purposes - you can use it to DIY products from candles to body care - but it's main purpose is diffusing. Releasing the aroma into the air can uplift your mood, make the house smell great and relax tension.

Elf Sweat - Inspired by the smell of Santa's favourite helpers. Smells of candied oranges, vanilla cream soda, bubble gum and peppermint candy canes.

Cracklin Birch - Inspired by the Northern Ontario winter wilderness. Smells of winter citrus, smoked birchwood, and earthy vetiver. 

Horchata Lip Gloss - the perfect way to show your lips some love during the winter months. This all-natural lip gloss contains coconut oil, castor oil, apricot oil and cocoa butter to ensure your lips are staying shiny and hydrated all day long. PLUS it tastes delectable. Horchata is an aromatic Mexican rice pudding which will remind you of fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

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